Huawei fires employee arrested in Poland on spy charges


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Former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor, have been held for more than a month without access to lawyers or their families.

Meanwhile, they demand the detainee in Poland be granted all of his lawful rights. Makes sense.

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Stanislaw Zaryn, a spokesperson for Poland's Internal Security Agency (ISA), told Reuters that Mr Wang's arrest "doesn't have anything to do with the company he works for".

Let's be fair if we can. Poland isn't China.

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All the world is aware now of China's double/triple and and may be quadruple standard and the completely irrational set of values... when it comes to human relationships. That is already reflected in not just politics but in everything they do and touch or get involved in.

here they fired the suspect to avoid involving the company... thus distancing themselves from what ever they were involved in and at the same time using world recognized values and standards to "protect" their kind so that they may avoid having to expose more of their involvement for internationally recognized humanitarian values, which they themselves do not even honor.

The entire world better "wake up".

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The above said..., all corporations worldwide doing business with S Korea now need to review their position and defer or even retreat from and stop starting businesses within S or N Korea and definitely China till such time as there is "concrete" and "verifiable" evidence over a decade or more that they are actually a worthwhile and "reliable" participant in the international community. It appears that they are trying to "force" a centrally controlled global organization based upon their standards and values.

The past, no matter how horrifying, is the past and amend have been made. The entire world community knows that "war" in the past have been fought and settled. Although wars are always territorial, and primarily based upon economics (taking resources), only in religious and racial wars have they "continued". It is difficult to understand the "illogical" logic behind S Korea.

Now the entire world is in "doubt" as to the "philosophy" of the people of S Korea.

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Huawei isn't even denying it - they're just saying "that's the Chinese government's doing, not ours"

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Friday that it has asked Poland to handle the case fairly and protect the rights and safety of the Chinese suspect.

Like the Canadians in China

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