Hubble telescope shows earliest photo of universe


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Big bang theory my butt. Some reason that hypothesis seems weaker every day, it makes sense as far as a galaxy being created, but not the universe. 900million years worth of knowledge we don't have, and its most like not even the oldest point in the universe either. Keep looking deeper guys, we'll probably get a better theory later on but not in our lifetimes.

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cute photo

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Can someone more scientific than me explain what the point of all this is please? I can see how knowing how old the universe is would be interesting, but how does it actually benefit us in any way? Please forgive my ignorance but I just don`t see how spending billions on this is worth it.

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Mainly this is to help with space exploration and travel. Knowing as much as we possibly can about the astronomical bodies around us may help our species terraform and maintain our planet and maybe even the sun, colonise other planets, learn how to keep disators from happening (like threats from large meteors, disruption of planetary orbit, etc). And of course interaction from other intelligent species in the universe.

Sadly this probably won't happen within our lifetimes, but maybe our children and grandchildren will get to experience the fruits of our societies current endeavors and discover things that are beyond our knowledge and imagination.

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It's to better understand how the universe started, the better we can interpret what we see in the universe today, and what may become of the universe in the future.

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Global warming will kill everyone in this planet before they can take a picture of the big bang. Poor great grand children, their forefathers aren't wise.

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