Huge Muslim protests in Asia after India prophet row


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Huge protests across the Muslim world were sparked by remarks by an Indian government official about the Prophet Mohammed.

I want to know what the official actually said. There’s no mention or quote of it in the article. The reporter is afraid that mere quoting may incite a further furor?

I want to look at the problem from the perspectives of cultural clashes.

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Voice, I posted this on 10 June.

I spent several hours on the internet the other day trying to find out just what the lady said, but no-one knows, or if they do they are afraid to say it.

It sounds like the straw that broke the camel’s back, a deliberate lack of respect, rather than the actual words themselves.

Later I heard it was a reference to a child bride of the Prophet, very emotive territory.

What she said in full, and in what tone I do not know, but I believe she was reacting angrily to dismissive comments about Hindu deities. She mentioned, as the article says above, that the Prophet’s youngest wife Aisha was only six when betrothed and nine when consummated. These are known facts but do not look good when judged by today’s standards.

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The Christian Mary was 12 years old. Nobody holds mass demonstrations about that.

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Look, a man walked into a cave and heard the words of God talking to him directly. And then he later married a child.

Obviously today both of things would attract the attention of the authorities, so it is unsurprising that the authorities of Islamic countries are still monitoring this closely and taking action whenever anyone brings the topic up.

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the Prophet’s youngest wife Aisha was only six when betrothed and nine when consummated.

it is often said that the ages were 9 and 12. Not quite sure of the different interpretations about her age, and by modern standards, it doesn't make a huge difference.

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BJP has managed to unite foes like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Having said that, any words of outrage over religious discrimination are hard to be taken seriously when uttered by countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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