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Hundreds dead, millions displaced as monsoon heaps misery on Asia


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Oddest thing (though probably not so surprising) is that all this has not really made news here.

And there is another typhoon in the Philippine Sea heading towards Indochina which this morning was 925 hectopascals.

In contrast the heat here this year is a change from so many typhoons here last year and so on.

Well East Asia is just like that.

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Kind of ironic that Japan, America and Western Europe make billionaires out of all the dictators and cronies that run those countries, but the people still have diddly squat!

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As long as JapanGal does not try to blame this bad weather on President Obama, I just feel sorry for the poor people in those affected disaster zones. I do Hope Japan, the USA, Western Europe etc...do send help and ASAP!

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Elbu: I do not blame anyone for weather. It constantly changes. I blame the countries that make dictators rich by handing over cash that does not go to the people where it is needed, but rather finds its way into the pockets of the dictators running the places. One classic was Marcos!

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So, do you still think that climate change is a myth? The world is currently in a cycle of climate change and mass-extinction equal to that of the Devonian era. We won't see the end in our lifetimes, but the near future generations will be the last for mankind.

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do Hope Japan, the USA, Western Europe etc...do send help and ASAP!

Not me. It's time for those 3rd world southeast asian countries to get their act together. Quit the finger pointing already. There are thousands of successful Thai, Cambodians, Vietnamese in the US.

You'd think some of them have the spark to return home, with their wealth, and try to make a difference for their own people.

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