Hundreds escape from prison near Tripoli


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NATO bombed all the police stations, prisons,court houses and local government offices like the DMV and such.

And now the country is in total shambles, but perhaps that was the plan.

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Let's see ... NATO bombed Tripoli in 2011.

There has been a civil war there the last few years with no clear group. Rival militias made the prison break possible, not NATO actions against a terrorist supporting state from 7 yrs ago.

Plus ISIS has been bombing buildings there in 2018, like election centers.

More FUD from Russia, without love.

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The Libyan capital has been at the centre of a battle for influence between armed groups since Kadhafi's fall and killing.

Italy’s Eni, French Total, Spain’s Repsol, US ConocoPhillips, Russia’s Taftnet and Rosneft, Shell, BP, among the other usual giants in the global oil and gas industry are in Libya (and wherever oil and gas are found) ‘helping’ their favorite armed group of the day. 

Giving credence to:

@burnbsh And now the country is in total shambles, but perhaps that was the plan.

Until the world can find ways to reduce the amount of hydrocarbons burned, the oil and gas industry sheiks, czars and titans, and of course their money lending friends backed by the war industries will continue ‘shambling’ the planet so the globe’s .01% can maintain power and control. 

There are no ‘good’ guys in the oil and gas industry. Find alternatives to burning hydrocarbons.

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here has been a civil war there the last few years.....More FUD from Russia, without love

Very interesting twist of logic. It was NATO who bombed Libya, but it's Russia who got blame for that.

The present situation in Libya (the civil war, collapse of the state and disintegration of Libya into feuding gangs-controlled territories) is the direct result of the aggression of NATO in 2011. Under Qaddafi Libya was among the most well-off countries in Africa, and there were no ISIS. Just like Iraq before 2003 - no ISIS or other terrorists. But then came US/NATO, who brought destruction, death, collapse of state, civil strife and terrorism.

From NATO, with greed and without conscience.

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