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Hundreds in Niger tell U.S. troops to go home


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Best of luck with ISIS. Russia won't defeat them.

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Also interesting that Russia calls their mercenaries the Africa Corps. They need some k's in there to complete the analogy.

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Wasted money anyway.

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bass4funkToday 08:55 am JST

Wasted money anyway.

Fighting terrorism is now wasted money? Why keep an armed forces at all in your view?

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Au revoir

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It doesn't matter until the govt of Niger asks the US to leave, formally. Just like Iraqi govt didn't formally ask the US to leave until a few months ago. Once that request comes from the recognized govt, the US will plan an orderly departure. It doesn't do any good to be somewhere without the local govt support.

The US doesn't come to any place with the intention of staying forever. Just ask them to leave once locals are ready to take over whatever the US was there doing and it will be sufficient. That's different than countries that force their way with the intention of never leaving.

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Niger has given them their marching orders. It is now an illegal occupation by war criminals.

Chad has followed suit and will order out unsavory elements.

Crude propaganda and false. Russian legal commercial activities in activities are conducted under the aegis of the Russian Expeditionary Corps. Coming after praise for another group that has certain known symbology, that's a but rich.

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A top Pentagon official told Congress on Thursday that the U.S. has not received a formal request from Niger’s junta to depart the country, saying it has received mixed signals on whether the hundreds of U.S. troops there are no longer welcome. ... Russia has actively and strategically saturated that audience with disinformation, Langley said.

So, which is it? Some whim of anyone who can get in front of a camera or someone empowered to actually make the request? Sometimes, it is necessary for a leader to say 1 thing publicly, but mean something completely different, which is why FORMAL requests exist.

There are examples of this everywhere. Putin does it. Xi does it. Almost every leader of every country does it. Mexico, Canada, Iraq, Iran, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Taiwan, Japan, .... the list goes on and on. They all do it. It took Iraq nearly a year to finally make a formal request for the US to leave. They floated the idea for months and months to gauge what might happen.

So, no Niger hasn't ask the US to leave, not yet.

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