Hundreds of thousands of kids face death from famine in East Africa


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I have an idea. Since the looters in London have plenty of rage, energy and strenght, gather them and send them to protect the aid from the Somali militians.This way there will be more food and medicine for the children, and they won't die, and the rioting kids with Blackberries and laptops will find out what real poverty is, and probably will understand how actually happy they are.

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I have no doubt people will open their hearts and wallets and donate further for these children, the problem is that it never actually gets to them.

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How about taking example from China and regulating the ammount of children per family! Supply more condoms to Somalia and other African countries. This will never end and do they care?!

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Well China still manages to regenerate. And in fact have your read up the numbers of second children that are there? And even more! And just yesterday in the news there was talk about China needing to stimulate their own market numbers!!! So maybe just send a packet of seeds would be fair; and light. Maybe just drop tonnes of seeds from the air-the militants wouldnt have the patience to find them, bwhah! And pumpkin seeds planted now, would be sprouting in a couple of months, certainly by the end of the year youd have a mountain of pumpkins.......

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Why on earth isn’t this story front page headline? I’m sorry about the London riots, but one only has to look at the devastation going on in these African countries. Shame on all newspapers!

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