Hundreds protest Bush visit to western Canada


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W Bush at an economic forum in western Canada

All he knows is war, a war expert, what does he know about economy?

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200 protesters?

Heh, the guy has definitely lost his touch. Back in his heydey, Mr Bush drew literally millions to protests in cities worldwide over a very short space of time. A real untier.

Apart from hearing from a dumbass student and a rehash of Amnesty's publicity stunt, the article has not one word to say about what was said at the summit by Bush, Clinton or anyone else for that matter.

Or more interestingly how many dollars the ex-presidents were given in exchange!

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"200 protesters"


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"200 protestors"

Maybe they were getting in shape for the next Stanley Cup Finals riots.

@Madverts, if the former presidents were given a speaking fee, it would be standard to pay $100,000 or more. I think Clinton is making around 10 million a year just on speeches.

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Thank you Mr. President for going to Canada. It is a wonderful place to live. CLOSE THE BORDERS.

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“Canada is required by its international obligations to arrest and prosecute former president Bush given his responsibility for crimes under international law including torture,” Amnesty’s Susan Lee said in a statement.

Amnesty should also begin drawing up charges to the leaders of NATO countries who were bombing Libya that led to Gadahfi's death. After all, he was killed without a trial, and this was done because the rebels had the support of NATO countries. Seems like a double standard to me.

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The Canadians need to get with the program. The anti-Bush fad is so last season. It's anti-Obama now.

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Gotta love the media....

"Some 200 protesters" is "Hundreds" in the the slimmest of margins, I suppose....heh.

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One hundred grand for a speech eh? Bush isn't so dumb afterall.

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Canada is lucky that the USA is this world to protect not only itself, but hey all of Canada and all of the free world. Would our Russian amigos think twice about invading Canadian territory if they knew they would then have to face the wrath of the USA?? Or should I put it, if say all of English speaking North America so everything except Mexico were all Canada?? Would the Russians respect Canada?? I really doubt it! The Russians would be forcing all of us to learn Russian from Vancouver to Toronto and from Toronto to Miami and San Diego! So Canadians, enjoy your freedom of speech to diss old George W, thanks to American being a strong allay against communism and terrorism.

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I'm glad they made things uncomfortable for the little twerp. If every moment of his misbegotten life is filled with pain and suffering, I'll throw a party. Call me petty, but it'll be a great party.


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"I find it atrocious that our mayor would bring a war criminal into our city," said student Carsten Katrell"

I find Karsten Katrell's comment ignorant since Bush has not been convicted of being a war criminal in any court.

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