Hungary's Orban asks Putin for immediate Ukraine cease-fire


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“Please call an immediate ceasefire with Ukraine. Oh, and we’ll be more than happy to buy gas and oil from Russia in rubles!”

Blood money.

How can you be for peace on the one hand, yet give money to a murderer with the other hand? There’s something very unbalanced about that.

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It may only be a matter of time before Hungary switches from the EU and NATO to the new Soviet bloc. Hungarians who don't want to be part of that should note the situation in Hong Kong and Belarus, and take steps to prepare themselves, ensuring that their assets are mobile and they have an escape plan, before the borders are closed. That may mean moving from an owned property to a rental, buying a larger vehicle, storing stuff in a way that allows it to be rapidly packed, and exploring friendships and job opportunities abroad.

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“Could you please stop executing civilians? It’s making my position - your boot firmly between my lips - look rather unsavory for the home audience”.

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Hungary will not be leaving the EU or NATO, as it functions as Putins inside source and provides veto on som EU actions. This is much more valuable to Russia, than just having one more member in the Soviet bloc.

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