Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings


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What laws are they breaking?

Is Turkey in civil war? Is Greece in civil war? No? Than they have no right to leave those countries as refugees. Being a refugee does not give you the right to move to any country you choose. They're breaking the law, and should not be allowed to continue breaking it by moving on to Austria. Rule of law.

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And reports on the BBC website say the borders are back within certain parts of the Schengen area already.

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"JeffLee, last time I checked Greece is still in the EU and that's the first country they arrived in"

Yes, but Greece is in crisis and has no money to support them. For that reason, Hungary is considered their first point of EU entry. CNN were explaining this yesterday.

Interestingly, the imbroglio underscores the erroneous assumptions behind the design of both the eurozone and the EU's refugee policy.

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Drat my typos! Above should say the refugees are NOT raping or murdering anyone. The problem is they are escaping wars that the largely responsible for. Many of the refugees were middle class professionals. Rather than securing borders, which is impossible, countries in the European Union, and North America, ought find a way of solving this humanitarian crisis.

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they look like good people running away from war with there kids ,,,,,i would like to help them

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This story is confusing and incomplete The EU is not border free, only the Schengen zone is, but even then you need a passport and, if necessary, a visa to enter it. And it's not just the UK and Ireland who are outside the area, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus are too. Hungary IS in the Schengen zone so, in theory, anyone can travel to other Schengen countries but it's obvious the migrant crisis is making the agreement unmanagable. It will only be a matter of time before Schengen countries decide to opt out and bring back borders, both the German and Austrian police have said they want borders back.

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About poster: are you Donald Trump. The refugees are raping or murdering anyone in Hungary. They are not even tell Hungarian jokes. What laws are they breaking? They are, as the article under discussion underscores, ready victims of smugglers if nothing is done for them. They have a good chance of being raped and murdered, as many of them already have. The humanitarian crisis is getting worse by the hours.

These refugees are escaping wars that a are a result of bad American and Atlantic alliance interventionist policies.

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People still rape and murder and steal even though we make laws against it and spend considerable resources on preventing it. That doesn't mean we shouldn't criminalize or try to prevent it though. These people are willfully and flagrantly breaking the law. Hungary has every right to not allow them to cross the border. That such a reasonable action now qualifies as being a "vile bigoted rightist regime" is just further proof of the fact that liberals have given in to their lunatic fringe.

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Don't have tickets? I am relying on the text: "“These refugees always will find their way to the West no matter what barriers are put in their way,” said Gyulai of the Helsinki rights committee. “This just makes them wait and suffer and spend their last pennies on train tickets they cannot use. I prefer to trust the text rather poster who support Hungary's vile bigoted rightist regime.

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It is time to tell Angela Merkel and Germany: Stop being over generous and the rest of Europe will be free of refugees flooding in!

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JeffLee, last time I checked Greece is still in the EU and that's the first country they arrived in, most likely the island of Lesbos.

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"Hey if people have tickets they have the right to that take the train, whether they are refugees or Hungarian neo-fascists."

No they don't. Not if they don't have visas for a journey that crosses a national border. If they are refugees, then they are required to make their claim in the first EU country they arrive in, which is Hungary.

However, they are ignoring that regulation and instead demanding to go to Germany, where the welfare benefits are more generous.

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Good on Hungary!

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This is very strong proof that Hungary sucks big time. Hey if people have tickets they have the right to that take the train, whether they are refugees or Hungarian neo-fascists. This is discrimination at its most basic and outrageous. Hungary has really come a long way downhill since being set free from the Soviet bloc.

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Yes you are KI but very close to China, Korea. Prevailing wind can bring them to you western shores.

What disturbs me is all the support for illegal immigration. Heck, why have borders when they are ignored. Just imagine if we all can migrate to prosperous areas at will. Oh, and bring our culture to those parts of the earth.

Illegal Immigration is criminal. Migrants should be turned away. Only then they will use the laws to immigrate legally.

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Makes me glad we're an island nation.

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My sympathies and even admiration for any individual who risks everything to get to a better country but there comes a point where you have to say hey, make your country better instead.

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Once again Central Europe is being asked to defend the West from Muslim conquest.

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Ah, Europe. When will you ever learn...?

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