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Hunter's campfire sparked California blaze that scorched Yosemite


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Fires and hantaviruses seem to be the small number of weapons in nature's arsenal for eradicating the pestilence called human beings.

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No illegal marijuana farm then...

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Woah. A hunter! He'll be charged and will lose his gun license, hunting license, freedom. Just sad to know an idiot human started that. Amazing how they can trace it back, though.

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Earlier this year, Wisconsin had its largest forest fire in 30 years. It was determined that the cause was malfunctioning logging company equipment, but since it was accidental there were no charges. Jforce is right that authorities usually seem to do a good job identifying culprits for major forest fires. It could be that most cases are accidental, and the firestarters feel remorse and want to take responsibility compared to the trickier to catch urban arsonists.

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Just goes to show how not following the rules can end in disastrous consequences.

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Just goes to show how not using common sense can end in disastrous consequences.

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"Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires"

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I've been in Yosemite in 1994...It's a very beautiful place...stunning! And I want to go there again.

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