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Husband of bludgeoned Pakistani woman strangled first wife


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Wow! I'm speechless. I didn't know Pakistan was such a messed up place. I can't believe there are not just individuals but entire societies this cruel and messed up in this century.

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Barbaric. Maybe he deserved to lose his second wife. But really, neither of these women should be dead.

And to think such a backward society owns nuclear bombs.

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I still find it hard to believe that in places like this, their religion (Islam) makes them cover up their women and treat them like chattel, all the while saying that those who are non-Muslim are not protecting the sanctity of women by having them dress and act Western. Yet, they seem to see it as no problem to beat and kill them because they didn't bring in enough of a dowery or they have the audacity to have their own free mind and will and want to marry someone that they want to and not being told to.


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I'm so confused. Let me get this straight, it was revealed that Mohammad Iqbal (the husband) had strangled his first wife to death on Tuesday, and afterwards Farzana Parveen (his second wife) was pummeled to death with bricks by bystanders for the crime of her husband? Incredibly appalling.

Either way, if I was a woman in Pakistan, I'd never want to get married.

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No you misunderstand. First Iqbal killed his first wife because he wanted to be with Parveen. And since he was forgiven by his own son, there wasn't any pursuits.

Then Parveen married Iqbal, but that angered Parveen's family since she was supposed to marry a cousin. Then Parveen's family, cousin included stoned her to death.

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Humanity can, at times, be really awful.

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Wow! Living and dying in Pakistan as a woman for the sake of love is beyond civilized imagination. Thy are living in the Stone Age. (No pun intended).

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I don't know how anyone could have such hatred and wonder if they feel any remorse at all. They killed an unborn child also. Horrific story.

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Pathetic and cowardly act. Hidden behind weak excuses such has "honour". Where is the honour in killing someone defenceless with an unborn child? Such a feckless society that allows this to happen. How could people contemplate killing a member of their own family, none the less someone expecting a child because they love someone that they see as dishonourable because family X promised family Y.

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Calling them animals is an insult to animals. Perhaps sub-human is a better term.

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Wow, that's as low as one can get. Throw'em all into a fire pit, the husband, his family and anyone who threw bricks!

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Failed societies destined to mess up to extinction

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Honor killings are not restricted to Pakistan. Thanks to immigration from fundamentalist muslim countries, we have them in Europe too now.

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"Women are property"

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Marry her cousin, isn't that incest? There is nothing positive about this story at all.

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Woman shares half of the sky according to China's Mao , not true at all for Pakistani woman.

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He killed his first wife because he was in love with someone else? How can those two words, exist in the same sentence?

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According Islamic religion, Iqbal is entileted for getting four wives. Why did he murder his first wife? No wonder Bin Laden loves to hide in Pakistan. Even Bin Laden was more civilized than those low lives slaughtering women as sacraficing animals!

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Yes you can have 4 if you can afford them, kinda like chickens as many as you want but you have to feed them. The barbarity in this region is alarming, not just Islamic but Hindi too both peoples DNA is the same, just their choice of team (gods) differ. Cast system? What the hell is that? Treating women as novelty toys, perverted and beyond the pale. Marrying cousins that's going to end well...guess it might explain a lot about the society in general.

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Hindi or Muslim the attitudes in either country are backwards. No wonder India has stagnated while China grew, and Pakistan has become a living hell....barbarians indeed.

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***British Foreign Secretary William described the murder as “barbaric” and urged the Pakistani government to fully investigate it.

“I am shocked and appalled by the death of Farzana Parveen: both for the appalling manner of her death, and the unspeakable cruelty and injustice of murdering a woman for exercising her basic right to choose who to love and marry,” Hague said in a statement.

“There is absolutely no honor in honor killings and I urge the government of Pakistan to do all in its power to eradicate this barbaric practice.*** Say no more??? but RIP poor woman born in messed up backwards country and may all those who were responsible for her death ,BURN IN HELL!!

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