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I should be rewarded, Karadzic tells war crimes court


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He should be a given a choice, life in gaol or go to Afghanistan and Pakistan to clear out the Taliban in the same way.

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Sorry Harry, even letting the Taliban have a good time with this scum bag is still too good for him! “I have nothing against Muslims or Croats” Karadzic added, claiming that even his hairdresser before the war was a Muslim. Wow this so called Christian lunatic makes himself so kind?? Even his hairdresser was a Muslim...until he felt the urge to kill off his hairdresser and all of his family?? Sick! Sick! Sick bastard!

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I agree completely! The reward should be either a rope around the neck or a firing squad!

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Sounds like he's pulling a "Briekvek".

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Ronald F Stark I agree completely! The reward should be either a rope around the neck or a firing squad!

Sorry - it was THREE sides in this conflict : Serbs Croats and Muslims

It was very long and bloody war...

All THREE sides made a lot of crimes

All parts are guilty

No pure and no saints in this war

But the West blame ONLY the Serbs


What about rope for Franjo Tudjman ? (first president of Croatia)

Ah ! He was West ally and he killed a lot of Serbian devils !

He's a demiocratic hero !

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It is true that there were war crimes on all sides. I think the Serbs had their reasons for hating the Croats, the Croats genocided them with the encouragement of the Germans in WWII. Neither Serbia or Croatia are guilt-free. What role did the Muslims play in this war? From what I know they were mainly victims.

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