IAEA says it has lost contact with Chernobyl nuclear data systems


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and radiation levels remained stable

Stable? Inside or outside, high or low? ‘Stable’, that piece of information is of no use. And the missing data, what should that bring in reality if they have it again? The wild boars and mushrooms are still contaminated from 1986 , even far away in Germany and France. That doesn’t change at all , if the Russians secretly open the sarcophagus in case of east winds during information cut or if they abide to all rules and keep it closed and grant information access.

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Good ol-IAEA and its disaster planning that never seems to have ever been done. As war is always a possibility and as nuclear plants are obviously dangerous your would think they had something of a pathway to safety other than relying on madmen never getting into positions of power.

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Well if the Russian troops are so well informed and capable then everything should be good. Or Ivan from a village that just got electricity is now overseeing a critical blob of a disaster? Food for vodka.

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Proposal: Let Russia keep Chernobyl (it was a Russian plant to begin with) and let Ukrainians keep the rest of Ukraine.

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More scaremongering more like.

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More scaremongering more like.

Yes no need to fear, the same people who were literally shooting at a nuclear power plant a few days ago are in charge and clearly know what they are doing.

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I just don't get Biden or Scholz. Putin is escalating every day, yet the same argument us trotted out 'no escalation'. Bombed nuclear plant....occupied nuclear plant....lost control, lost communication...WTF, is this not enough evidence?

Ukraine will be a pile of rubble, then Poland....on and on.

The same with China/Russia strategic partnership with no limits (their own words), China and Russia is a common threat, this is no longer speculation, it is real, confirm by official statements by Xi and Putin, yet China gets a free pass to help Russia avoid sanctions.

It is no longer inconceivable that Ukraine, Poland, Hungary etc...could unite and do a deal with Putin, ie we stay neutral, and you can move west through our territory to conquer Europe.

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Chernobyl could be 48 HOURS from leaking radiation, Ukraine warns, after power is cut off, making it impossible to cool spent nuclear fuel

You must have taken the Chernobyl Premium tour to know that there are no generators. Thanks for the heads up.


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'Reserve diesel generators have a 48-hour capacity to power the Chornobyl NPP,'

Are you saying they’ll run out of gas?

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Definitely not the first war with fear mongering.

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The back-up diesel generators will run out of gas in 48 hours if their tanks are not refilled before then. Let’s hope they can do either that, or repair the external electrical power source that was knocked out. The IAEA says the cooling pools will be ok for a while without their cooling systems but I guess they will gradually grow hotter.

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OK, can we just stop the fear propaganda

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency


IAEA says heat load of spent fuel storage pool and volume of cooling water at #Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant sufficient for effective heat removal without need for electrical supply. IAEA update from March 3:

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