ICC war crimes prosecutor seeks arrest of Gadhafi, son


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This is just stupid. Keep ignoring Syria, Iran, Palestinian Authority and the rest, as long as Gadhafi is the scapegoat.

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While they are at it, the ICC should also prosecute Obama, Sarkoyz and Cameron. Hypocrits.

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Yeah they can also add Bush Jnr, and Blair to that list.

Moderator: Stay on topic please. The subject is Gadhafi.

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The whole process does start to seem a bit silly when you think about the people they aren't prosecuting. Why not add China, Cuba, and (insert country here) to the list.

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This is so stupid. It is civil war, and those caught in the cross fire can die. Kadhafi didn't say, "hey! See those civilians? Well shoot them as they are unarmed, and leave the rebels alone."

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I'm disappointed in Ocampo for this charade. The rebels have made deals with France for oil concessions. They have killed thousands of African migrant workers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The West only wants Libya's oil plus the fact that they lost BIG in Egypt & Tunisia. It's so bloody obvious. And shame on the Western press for not highlighting Libya's free education/health care plus citizens receive a monthly oil check so a lot of them don't bother to work. Hence the need for migrant workers!!

The people in Yemen truly want a new government. It's so obvious. These rebels don't have the masses behind them that we saw in Egypt & Tunisia. That alone should raise some eyebrows. Finally, I'm not a big Gadhafi fan either. But he's way better than those Wahibi Saudi/Bahraini rulers. He's not an islamist, and he's invested heavily in Africa (spreading the wealth). Yeah, he's a little eccentric, but nobody's perfect. This is no reason to invade his country under the pretense of 'humanitarian intervention' when DRC (Congo) has lost MILLIONS of African lives over the past 10 years due to INSTABILITY. Where's NATO for these folks??

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maxtheitpro: The West only wants Libya's oil

And by the "West" I'm assuming you mean Europe. NO BLOOD FOR OIL, remember?

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