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Ignored by 'Oppenheimer,' atomic test victims speak out


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"But they come back and check on guinea pigs. Nobody's ever come back to check on us."

So, they weren’t guinea pigs. At least the existence of a guinea pig is acknowledged. Their existence wasn’t.

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guessing these people didn’t notice the title of the film and made an assumption about what it’s about, like most of the random complaints against it

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Much of the USA has been dusted from those tests based on the trade winds. Of course, the people closer to the tests got exponentially more exposure.

It was a different time. Today, it wouldn't be allowed. That's called progress.

A John Wayne movie was shot 140 miles down-wind from nuclear tests in the 1950s. Nearly 50% of the people who worked on the film from the gopher boys to the main stars got some sort of cancer and died. https://www.slashfilm.com/760920/the-forgotten-john-wayne-film-that-left-a-tragic-legacy/

John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, and director Powell — contracted cancer shooting "The Conqueror". The radiation exposure was 10x more than Chernobyl released.

When parts of the film needed to be reshot, they too dirt from the original location, full of radiation, and brought it back to LA. That radioactive dirt was spread around an industrial park in Culver City - where it remains today.

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Maybe because it was detonated from a short tower the radiation was worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but you can visit ground zero of Trinity today and it isn't radioactive. Nothing special done to treat the area either.

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Hundreds of nuclear tests were performed in NV. Many are still radioactive. Those places cannot be settled, no food or cattle can use the land and any water that flows thru and under it becomes contaminated.

America bombed NV before and after they bombed Japan. There are lots of documentary videos about the nuclear tests. They talk about the results for test animals in the designated areas, but they don't discuss or research the cancer pockets nearby.

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