IMF chief Lagarde charged in French corruption case


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It's time for the IMF to give up "the French Connection". DSK has more rumors following after him that sightings of Elvis. Now we have Madame Largade currently on the hook for "negligence" related to corruption. Where will it all end?

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“always acted in the interest of the country and in accordance with the law.”

And she believes it. All the rotten banks in the US, UK, etc, have saved under the same mantra... and all the small people that lose their shop in Greece or their house in America are just let down. The "interest of a country", according to the IMF is the interest of the 1%.

Where will it all end?

When IMF rule ends. What Lagarde did in that case is not different from what she does day after day as her job.

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Thieves! All of them.

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Think while she could be guilty, it has more to do with falling out of favor with the 1 percent.

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