In a first, Hong Kong bans pro-independence political party


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The warnings have already begun. Should people stay in HK or leave?

Don't be the lobster in a nicely warming pot.

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Authorities in Hong Kong on Monday took an unprecedented step against separatist voices by banning

I understand a large number of people in the 'west' want to turn their lives over to an authoritarian state under the control of a despot like China (or Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea) and let the state dictate what they can do, but still hope they're a minority.

But when dissent is banned, when the state controls the media, when an executive is given and takes on ever greater powers, authoritarian systems can result - unless the majority get involved and use democratic systems to stop them.

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Beijing putting the squeeze on. Not a great development for Hong Kong but of course, democracy is on the wane globally.

The West has too much invested in China, it's a goldmine for trade and new markets - so the money won't allow for criticism, sadly.

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@thFu. Hong kongese can’t just leave. I’m no expert but did live there, but it is in the top ten most expensive cities in the world. Probably most people have massive bank loans and the senile grandmother.

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GLTY - I remember looking at the crazy real estate prices when visiting a family friend in HK. Since I've never lived in a city like that or really any urban space, I figured it was just the way things were in vertical cities.

But just because you have a huge mortgage, that doesn't mean you can't sell. People everywhere sell property all the time and move. Many change countries.

I'm lucky (and perhaps a little smart). Paid off the mortgage a few decades ago.

This is their Darwin moment, if they see it. They know what is happening. The sooner they take necessary steps, the better it will be. Plus, I bet many mainlanders would love to buy property in HG for all the extra freedoms there. ;) Read today that over 1.5M mainland Chinese have immigrated to the SARs.

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