In camp of diehard IS supporters, some women express regrets

By Maya Alleruzzo, Philip Issa and Andrea Rosa

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It isn't like they threw a rock and broke a window. Life choices have repercussions. Some good and some bad. Anyone over 12 knows this.

I can have sympathy for 12 and younger, but after that point the pond is muddied.

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There was no shortage of evidence of what ISIS really is. Now that everything has gone to hell, they say how stupid their decision was. Nah, they enjoy their stay in the camps.

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Will Iran take them in ?

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Btw, ISIS hasrecently liftedits ban on women taking part in combat. Any government allowing them in will have no one but themselves to blame for what happens.

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Yet, they all seem to still be following the strict tenets (laid down by men) such as strictly covering their heads and faces.

They plead ignorance now but the grisly beheadings carried out by Isis were shown on mainstream media.

Yet, they still packed their bags?

Who is to say that they wouldn’t do the same again ?

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Any non-psychopathic 15 year old was horrified at a prisoner being burned alive in a cage. This happened before Begum and her friends ran away to join ISIS.

She is scum. Let her rot.

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Shamima Begum

I suppose you can have sympathy for a 15-year-old girl who was misled about ISIS.

I was running short of sympathy when she described herself years later as unfazed after seeing heads in bins, and showed ‘understanding’ of why a jihadi blew up innocent kids at a concert. She seemed very blasé about the whole heads in bins and blowing up kids lark.

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I have some sympathy for those who were seduced by IS ideology when they were very young, like 15 year old Shamima Begum and others. But adults? No.

Imagine if the Nazis had used these kinds of excuses.

"I want to tell you I regret, and I hope for a second chance. I was young," Adolf Eichmann said. "Some people still love the Nazi party. Me, because I've lived there, I see how they are, so I'm done with it."


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It was all fun when ISIS were winning then reality set in, scores of ISIS supporters got killed, captured and are waiting trial - now everyone is claiming they were innocent, mislead or naïve.

Lets hope they stay in these cages because its certain they will cause trouble if they are allowed home.

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There was plenty of evidence of the horrors of this group out there, no excuse and no sympathy! Especially those in their 40s with kids? Please...

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Yes, home must seem like a better option now that their men are all dead or captured and they have only a camp to live in.

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