In climate landmark, Arctic ice melts to record low


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'Scientists believe that climate change is caused by human emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases'. Rubbish! @Virtuoso 'Successful evolution turns into extinction' . Evolution? Rubbish. Just trying to get into the spirit of the Republican convention.

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I think the melting ice around the world speaks for itself...and ocean levels rise...and Kauai beaches continue to erode at an accelerated pace...coincidence?

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Did anyone say the melting in 900-1300 was caused by human activity?

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Thank President Obama for the 54.5 mpg fuel efficiency standards that will cut global warming pollution and save us money at the pump! by 2025. This action will have a great impact to global warming.

Hope China can join us to improve pollution spills. The world is demanding China to do better. No plan, no action have been implemented by Beijing. Do they still go to #2 and get out without wiping their butts? China, you can do better than that.

The world is fed up with no Beijin policy on environment. China does not care, they are just a bunch of selfish economic animal of the world.

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Humankind is on the verge of becoming an example of how successful evolution evolves into extinction. And gokiburi shall inherit (what's left) of the earth.

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It seems that every week brings another study from one side or the other with the "findings" they want it to show. But having this study promoted by Michael Mann does not give it any credibility. Mann's is infamous for his hockey stick graph of warming which depended on eliminating the medieval warming period from 900 to 1300 when it was warmer than today.

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Almost all of North America, north of Florida, used to be covered by glaciers.

All that ice melted away naturally as part of earth's normal climate cycle.

The idea that the earth has some ideal set climate is nonsense, the climate is changing, has always changed and will always change. Regardless of how many laws we pass or taxes the UN levies.

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