In Gaza and Israel, war fears mount despite truce

By Adel Zaanoun with Mike Smith in Jerusalem

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Can you call it a war when only one side has an army?

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I think genocide might be a better term. Or repeated slaughter, at the very least.

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one side has an army

Israel’s behaviour is yet again repugnant.

Then again, can you imagine Hamas and and Islamic Jihad with a well funded and well armed army?

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Why not?

The IRA kept the British forces on their toes for decades. Eventually, peace was won. Sure, the dizzies still remain and there's plenty of loyalists ready to kick off again but the balance of power has shifted and continues to do so.

Israel cannot continue this behaviour.

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Pretty simple solution available: Hamas stops attacking Israel, there will be peace. Hamas continues to try to kill innocent Israeli civilians, there will be war.

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