In Poland, Obama sees a guidepost for Ukraine


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While Ukraine’s successful elections were an important milestone, Poroshenko faces enormous challenges stabilizing his country’s economy, ensuring a steady flow of energy supplies and tamping down violence stirred up by pro-Russian separatists who have occupied eastern cities.

Good job JT for posting yet another unfounded and bias article. 1) what justifies successful election (pro western leaders which half the country didn't vote for) 2)ensuring steady energy flow (by not paying their overdue gas bills, expecting special treatment from Russia while blaming everything on the Russian government) 3)the pro Russian separatists (you mean citizens of ukraine which do not agree or accept the new government and are being slaughtered because of it while the rest of the world can not do a thing since it is not in the interest of big boss obama)

And before the moderator removes this for being "off topic". Obama is just looking for another place to put a military base in europe to expand the ever ending reach of the US of A. All to be funded by the wealthy (intended sarcasm) people of Poland. I think we can all see who the clear winner would be in that situation.

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So while he is assisting the radical islamists in the Middle East, Obama tries to act tough by provoking WW3 in Europe. It is so foolish it is hard to swallow. Why does he stir up trouble at the Russian periphery anyway? Anybody who digs a little can easily find that the Maidan movement is creating of Western interference and false promises. Fact is that a non-allied and non-hostile Ukraine is essiential to Russias security, and you can not expect any Russian leader to let Western meddling in the Ukraine go unanswered.

But maybe Obama thinks he needs a new Cuba crisis in order to distract from all his other failures?

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WilliB, do you think The a West or Russia is better prepared to handle the Muslim menace?

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" do you think The a West or Russia is better prepared to handle the Muslim menace? "

That is something you can ponder. All I have been pointing out is that Obamas policy of supporting the islamists (the so-called "Arab Spring" aka the Shariah Winter) is dangerously wrong, and Obamas support of the Ukrainian Maidan movement is dangerously wrong, and that Putin´s stance is rational and justified in both cases.

And Putin has a whole number of levers to pull in response to Western aggression against Russia, which we are increasingly seeing now.

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tokyo diman you make sense and will b obowl movement is stirring up some trouble , trying to start world war 3 who are these freaks anyways in every country that stand up and say lookie here i'm the president and this is how your life is going to be

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