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In time of crisis, Trump-Pelosi relationship remains broken


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What relationship? The mutual dislike? That sure heck is unbroken. Slow newsday?

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Of course this relationship remains broken. Intelligent people (Pelosi) don’t take kindly to morons (Donny) insulting them.

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“I want to remind everyone here in our nation's capital, especially in Congress, that this is not the time for politics, endless partisan investigations,” Trump said during the White House coronavirus task force briefing

Trump's #1 lackey Mitch McConnell said it was the politics being played (ironic expresion for a politician to use?) during impeachment hearings that slowed the Trump administration and the Senate's response to dealing with the virus. Another example of a 'leader' using the 'I don't take responsibility for that'.

What relationship? The mutual dislike? That sure heck is unbroken. Slow newsday?

When Trump supporters can't defend their chosen one, they attack the media. Deep state next?

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In times of crisis, the current leader of the US should be in quarantine. Whether he has the virus or not.

Pelosi is setting a sensible example.

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