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India's massive election faces heatwave challenge in penultimate phase

By Sakshi Dayal

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Modi called on people, especially women and youth, to "vote in large numbers" in a message on social media platform X on Saturday morning. "Democracy thrives when its people are engaged and active in the electoral process."

Modi is feeling the heat already. Looks like the poor turnout means his aim of winning 400 seats is evaporating into thin air.

Religion has occupied centre stage in campaigning, with Modi accusing opposition leaders of being pro-Muslim

So he is reverting to the tried and tested strategy of scaring his support base into voting for him. But demagoguery can only take you so far.

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Good luck to the world’s largest democracy in your elections!

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the opposition accusing the prime minister of targeting the minority community.

'targeting the minority community' has been a tactic used by demagogues throughout history, and currently used around the globe in other nations besides India. Divide and conquer, is a quick way to undermine democracy, and launch civil wars, and also regional conflicts. Scary watching nations around the planet leaning more toward fascism, but it could be lots of people want a big brother making choices for them, and want big brother to slay their enemies, real and imagined. A shoe for every foot, after all.

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Scary watching nations around the planet leaning more toward fascism,

One of the globe's demagogue wannabes is calling for his nation to be a 'unified reich', but how 'unified' can a country be when one group holds all the power, ala J.S Mill's 'tyranny of the majority'.

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