India gang-rape victim's family want killers executed


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The death penalty would be too easy for them, after they are dead, they are gone and see, hear, feel nothing. A harsh prison sentence for life would be more appropriate. Sad story.

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Since she was a model citizen and espoused an Indian Women to the fullest -I sincerely believe that her attackers will be executed and that the people of India will demand that. Her family has already made the decision to fight these criminals -just like their daughter would if she was alive.

She was very strong. She always said one should never bear atrocities but fight against it. While she was admitted in hospital, she told me that she fought back as hard as she could. She was defending herself by beating and biting them. She thrashed them and kicked them too. They were boiling in anger by her defence so they decided to kill her. She told me that they were murmuring 'maar do ise' (kill her). They threw her considering she was dead," her brother said. Her family , however, refused to speak about her relation with the boy who was accompanying her on the fateful day. "The boy was equally courageous like my sister. She told me that he guarded her until he became unconscious. After he lost his senses, the culprits raped her," her brother said.

-Maybe the "worst Christmas Story ever," -but the story of this person and family is really incredible. (a very good read)

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I'm 100% against the death penalty, no matter how many thumbs down this may get. The murderers all deserve life sentences for murder, then sentences on top of that for rape, and assault. I don't think any gang mentality of hanging these boys will bring any justice to a corrupt system -- it will serve only as an immediate bandaid on a wound that will never heal. Charge them, and charge them hard, and make sure they serve their time with no parol, but killing them will change nothing.

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Castrated first....

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I'd vote for castration...Let them live the rest of their lives like that.

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