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India tops 200,000 dead as virus surge breaks health system


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Mind you this is just the official toll.

The actual toll is much higher. Modi administration is an expert at fudging numbers to make themselves look good. They used to do it with GDP figures and now they are doing with the COVID death count.



Logging deaths of people with comorbidities as non-COVID deaths, delaying or refusing RTPCR tests and it is mostly the BJP ruled states like Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh which are doing it.

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The health system such as it is. Poor the Indians - in such a poverty stricken, people rich and pretty unsanitary environment like India's large cities, virus was always likely to run rampant once it took hold.

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Has Japan offered to help, like most of the other rich countries?

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With their "magical thinking" Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi et al. have all manifestly functioned as psychopathic vectors for the exponential spread of the pandemic. As we are now learning, the virus did not "just disappear".

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With their "magical thinking" Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi et al. have all manifestly functioned as psychopathic vectors for the exponential spread of the pandemic.

Fact: There is no correlation between the political leanings of leaders and the "spread of the pandemic".

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The actual number of deaths could be 3-5 times higher. Of course, there is fudging, and a lot is missing as many people are dying untested. The number of cases could be 30-50 times, god knows.

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@Cognac; India does not have a proper death counting mechanism. Only 90-94% (6-10 % missing) of total deaths are reported, and the cause of death is reported only for those who died in hospitals. Overall, it is 60-65%. Many states (southern ) do it better; however, for most North Indian states, it is hardly 30-40%, and the covid data shows low death % in the north Indian states, which is a clear indication of fudging and undercounting. With 6-10 % missing numbers in normal circumstances, nobody will ever know the actual number of covid deaths in India.

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Crematoriums have spilled over into parking lots, lighting up night skies in some cities.

In India, an additional 2000 deaths a day is a pretty small rounding error. To lead to the type of scenes we are seeing and the reports coming out, the death toll must be significantly higher.

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@ hmdrpthk just like no one knows about The number of deaths in the country that gave us this virus.

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Is there really a "huge disaster" in India? On what numbers are you basing that claim?

Yes. Based on the massive increase in the numbers being cremated, the fact that the hospotals are full and are not admitting new patients, and that they have run out of oxygen.

The scenes in India are very inconvenient for the COVID sceptics, but they still find a way to play down what is happening.

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Horrible business

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Health experts say huge gatherings during Hindu festivals and mammoth election rallies in some states have accelerated the unprecedented surge India is seeing now.

The states having surge now did not have elections and conveniently hide Ramzan behind Hindu festivals. The mortality rate in 1st wave was 1.43% and the mortality rate in 2nd wave is 0.65%.

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Also religious festival like ramadan gathering are increasing the toll.

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Are the vaccines not effective against the Indian mutation of the virus?

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This is the situation in Delhi. One of the leading media reports;


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I agree with most comments specially the fact that the numbers are much higher. I watched a heart -breaking documentary with people criticizing the government for its failure to intervene and save lives. India had ample time had to prepare for this health emergency but left its citizens to die for a lack of oxygen. I wonder if India can be classified as a third world country. Disgraceful.

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@runner3 well, Japan offered HUGE loans with almost zero interest rates for India to fight the pandemic.

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The death toll is nearer to 400,000 and increasing

...which is nothing in a population the size of India.

So far, the Corona death per mio in India are 146, which is very low in intl comparison.

Are we all so easily taken in by media sensationalism?

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