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Indian city to ban lingerie mannequins to stop rape


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Hmmmm. Look at mannequin feel desire to rape and beat woman................

Hmmm.....look at life imprisonment, disowned by my own people.....

Hmmm... it's india....who cares if I rape and beat just a little bit....?

But that life imprisonment bit bothers me a bit. But come on, in my little village what would they do? Those little 12-year olds walking around showing off their little bums and their lovely legs..........I give the parents a cow and marry their daughter although she must bring big dowry or she shame my parents. And we cannot have shame on my family.

No sir. Shame on my family is unacceptable.

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I hate to state the obvious, but ignoring the actual problem is not at all going to stop the problem. Last I checked, mannequins getting raped was not an issue.

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Last I checked, mannequins as the INSTIGATOR of rape was not an issue. What IS an issue is a social construct where women are considered property and therefore aren't afforded equal rights in a family. Until this is resolved in family situations, there's no way it can be resolved when strangers are involved.

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Soon it will bring Sharia law...cover the women. or they will be raped!

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Yep, is what I was thinking as well. Might as well make the women wear burkhas. Obviously the problem is women are simply too attractive, otherwise a man would never rape a women...

So dumb.

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What Nonsense!- Until the day boys are taught to respect girls as equal human beings these assualts will go on. Sex ,Love, Hate All start in the brain so teaching ones children to value one another on their humanity will go a long way to easing this violence against women-it's not too late,world!

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Severely punish the criminals. Punishing mannequins will not do anything.

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