Indian father beheads daughter over extra-marital affairs


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He shouldn't have let her listen to Lady Gaga and watch all that porn on TV that's called drama.

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Singh?? This ain't no Muslim nor Hindu name but jeez!! Cut the daughter's head off??

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Singh?? Ah, yes a Sihk name, so time to learn more about Sihks and their views on extra marital affairs??

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Pretty place though.

I was expecting cave-men à la Taliban.....

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Police should have slotted this sicko... I can't even imagine how anyone could do this to their own daughter... I mean what kind of sick, twisted mind would brutally murder his own child because she was “causing insult to him in society”?

I feel sick just thinking about this.

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Singh?? Ah, yes a Sihk name

David FYI, this Singh is not Sikh.....

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Barbaric backward ignorant beliefs by sick weak people.

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So backward. It's sad to think how such things still happen, despite the modernization humans have been through. It's deeply rooted from culture, though.

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This has become a big problem in the UK with what are called "honour killings", where the girls are raised in the UK but still expected to confirm to their South Asian cultural norms. The result is conflict and occasionally murders committed by male family members using pretty hideous methods. It seems to be an accepted part fo the culture, that the women in the family "belong" to the men to be treated and dealt with as they please.

I try to respect other cultures as different to my own, but something like this is just way beyond my grasp. There just is no justifying it in any civilised society.

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That'll teach girls! Yeah right.

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Well, either a sick culture or a sick man; yet could be both....

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but this is normal in alot of villages in india. its hidden from outside news.

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David Quintero Navarro

Should we start jumping to assumptions about your culture/religion based on your names??? Get a life.

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This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone though. Daughters are often considered burdens and are generally unwanted even by many educated and wealthy Indian families let alone those in rural areas who simply cannot afford the catastrophic dowries. Throw in the concern for preserving the family's honor and it's really an atrocity. It's gotten so bad recently that the widespread practice of street-side and back-alley non-medical ultrasounds to determine the sex of the fetus has been prohibited by law because they were resulting in alarming numbers of aborted female fetuses. It's sad but India's right up there with China in this grim aspect.

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I am always amazed at how people can get so upset over sex. Shut up and enjoy it. Shut up and let others enjoy it. Is that so hard?

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In many cultures, a child born out of wedlock is the worst sin.

They believe that every child deserves a loving mother and father and that every child deserves both of their natural parents.

For, in traditional cultures, a child born out of wedlock wouldn't receive the due family support and guidance that are necessary to develop a person.

For this reason, extramarital sex is (was) extremely frowned upon in almost all traditional cultures.

Personally, I understand their reasoning in this regard. Keep in the family or else culture begins to breakdown. We can't have everyone sleeping with everyone else.

However, what this father did is inexcusable. He clearly doesn't love his daughter unconditionally which is something that all religions teach, moreover, it doesn't need to be taught. He should love her unconditionally instinctively. I hope his community punishes him accordingly.

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We can't have everyone sleeping with everyone else.

We happen to be living in the 21st century, and as long as people are careful and not completely stupid, it does not matter who sleeps with who. We have so many safety nets with regards to pregnancy its ridiculous. And if she was sleeping around, it seems she has no out of wedlock kids to show for it.

Personally, I understand their reasoning in this regard.

My understanding dried up with the 19th century.

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how ironic

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Honor successfully preserved.

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All about what is socially acceptable in a society. But there really needs to be a big boost in educating some humans about what really is important and what isn't. Some societies have a lot to answer for but they don't know that because they think it is normal! But what is normal?!

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We have so many safety nets with regards to pregnancy its ridiculous.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and ask do you think that the backwaters of India know and have the access to such birth control? Having been to India, pretty confident in stating that many, many women are poorly educated on their health and reproduction process. It is sad and states a lot about the country but you can't suggest that everyone has the knowledge and availability that "we" do. Hell, look at Japan and the pill for how behind some societies are when it comes to female health.

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I realize that respect and how others see you are important to a lot of Indian people (or perhaps it's more concern about being shamed), but this is just sick. I just hope he gets a decent punishment.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to this poor young lady born into a backwards family, do hope the idiot father...yes burns in hell for all of eternity!! I wonder if this idiot father ever bothered to ask his own daughter, WHY she did not like her husband?? Maybe her husband was very bad to her?? Any number of possibilities but hey who are we on JT to throw our so called Western values over the rest of the world?? How does mysteriousneo KNOW this is not an Indian of Sikh religion?? Ah, too many ??? on such a stormy night!!

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But what is normal?!

I would wager that it's somewhere short of a beheading with the family sword.

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It looks like this man has a long way to go to be father of the year... such a terrible tragedy.

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Why is it the women who are always killed? It takes TWO to have an extramarital affair. The guy she was seeing was just as guilty of "causing insult to him in society", yet the father never gave one thought to beheading the guy.

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Men like this shouldn't be allowed to have children in the first place. I hate societies like this that are so stuck in male chauvanism that they can't even respect the opposite sex no more than a hole to put their *** in and produce babies for their pleasure. Women are companions and human beings (can you believe it!?!?) that should be treated as such. Can't teach that to men who are afraid of losing "control" of their laughable* "status".

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What honor is there in murder? Is he better off now in jail? What ignorance and selfish pride has led him to this end? He's no father. He's a girl killer. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, head for a head. I hope he gets what he deserve's.

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Pretty darn harsh.

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Hopefully one day the likes of this man and his "culture" will take the giant leap forward into the 18th Century. Rest in Peace to the poor girl.

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Few years ago, similar killing happened in Vancouver, B.C. One of the prosperous family was angry with Jassi for marrying a lower-class husband, an Indian rickshaw driver. They had wanted her to marry a 60-year-old business colleague. When she was taken from Vancouver to India to find a match, she rejected the suitors who were presented to her and she met another young men name Mitoo and it was almost love at first sight. She approached him and they hit it off. After returning to Canada, she stayed in touch with the guy and met up with him again when she returned to India for another round of matchmaking. They ran away and got secretly married and had a secret honeymoon. She then put in the immigration papers for Mittoo and she was trying to hide it from the family, fully knowing the wrath of the family

When her family learned of the marriage, they forced her to file a fake affidavit alleging she had married at gunpoint. That led to Indian police arresting and jailing the guy. Her family then confined her on their house and they beat her. She finally escaped and fled to India, but in a same year, she was attacked, raped and killed by a gang of men who slit her throat and left her in a ditch. Her husband was stabbed multiple times but somehow survived the attack. Seven men were convicted of the attack. It happens in India more frequently then people realize.

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It is sad and states a lot about the country but you can't suggest that everyone has the knowledge and availability that "we" do.

I am weighing the difficulty of getting birth control, abortions, and sex education anywhere on the globe in the 21st century against the difficulties that will be faced after murdering your own daughter. Murder is coming up short.

I do understand and appreciate the difficulties people have in certain countries and places, and so I could accept, but not agree with, disowning a family member over something like this. But murder? It truly takes a male to list that under the heading of "honor". In the mind of this male, is honor is now as low as it could possibly be. I should think if honor were so important to him, he could have found other options, even in a remote place in India.

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Jesus that was awful.

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Thumbs down for stating the obvious??

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She's not the only one who "lost her head". Looks like he lost his head and mind as well. Very sick thing to do. I wonder what his punishment will be. I would hope death by decapitation. My goodness.

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