Indian guru blames Delhi rape victim, sparking outrage


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Self-styled godman Asharam

Self-styled foot-in-mouth.

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Yes, yes...because chanting (a) god's name has been proven to save anyone in desperate situations....

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What a tosser! How dare he blame the young woman for not chanting her god's name. People like him make me sick.

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Asharam deserves to be condemned in the strongest words

Totally agree to that. He shouldn't even be allowed to preach anymore.

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Another religious crackpot to sicken us. 'Bapu', eh? I'd hate to be the woman who has this maniac for a father.

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I think that Hindu or at least Buddhist philosophy tends to assert that "error was not committed by just one side,” or that nothing is ever committed by, created by, or exists by just one side.

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Hopefully this will take away his popularity and he can preach to himself. Sick.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Okinawamike: I think he really meant it.

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I think this Guru has nothing to do with Buddhism... can do with no other religion of rightious values.

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“Bapu” is a freaken idiot.

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"Gaffe" implies the speaker mis-spoke, made a verbal error, spoke inopportunely, but this "guru" obviously said exactly what he meant. Not a "gaffe", simply an offensive statement.

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Incredible India.

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Sounds like Todd Akin and Robert Murdoch's spiritual adviser! It is amazing people this have a following!

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Religious nutjobs world wide make my skin crawl..........................may they all rot in hell, if there is one

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Godman Asharam's head on a that is a beautiful gesture!

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It's becoming plain to see why many people in India have the views they have when this comes from an influential religious leader.

1 ( +1 / -0 ) If the Indian Gov does not get a hold of the situation soon -it will be revolt. =It will literally be a shutdown and every person going to the capital (New Delhi). With a billion+ people that will be literal chaos. Is this what the Gov and media want?

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It's amazing how many theories there are on how women could have avoided rape "if they really wanted to". That mentality says it all. I wonder how effective it would be if Bapu fell at the feet of his attackers and chanted God's name when he was about to get drilled by homosexual rape. Something tells me he would end up squealing like a pig instead of chanting God's name. So much for THAT anti-rape strategy.

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I gotta a feeling this idiot guru may be missing a few screws! Poor raped girl and now dead!

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What an @22!

This poor girl did absolutely nothing to be so evilly violated and killed. May the killers and this DS "guru" receive their just punishment, in this world first, and forever after.

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This Nutcracker is really living in his own world! He should do the world a favor & Disappear up his Keester!

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What do you expect from one of the CLOWNS...

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India could use a few more out-of-touch lamebrains like this one. About one a week would suffice, to keep the rest of the populace galvanized. Every time someone makes an incredible statement like Asharam's, it's a few more people up off their butts and out in the street protesting. It's a few more women standing up for their rights. It's a few more fathers refusing to accept this fate for their daughters.

So bring on the Asharams. They might actually cause enough protests to create change in India.

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Bapu Asharam: This tragedy would not have happened if she had chanted God’s name and fallen at the feet of the attackers. The error was not committed by just one side,

Asharam is a kind of yogic cult leader. Sick thinking yoga, I guess.

She made a mistake by fighting back, apparently ... as did her male friend? I guess the couple also needed to have known that the bus itself was not legitimate and was on the prowl to pick someone up to gang-rape in the first place.

I guess that was her fault too ... for getting on that bus with her companion that night.

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After first calling his critics in the media "barking dogs" and referring to himself as an elephant that need not heed the barking, he then issued another statement later in the day saying that people did not understand what he had said, that he had been miconstrued.

Times of India: Asaram later told reporters his remarks about the gang rape victim were misconstrued by his critics and the media. The spiritual leader claimed if his speech was understood in the proper context people would be respecting him for his comments in the Delhi gangrape case.

I cannot find his clarification to explain what he had meant.

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Just goes to prove that age and wisdom dont go hand in hand.

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stupid old man, with too much hashish affecting his brain.

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At low level,common sense of understanding his statement is completely out of touch and easily be misunderstood.But at a very high level of understanding, in spiritual sense, his statement can be understood as " trust God completely ,whatever may happen". Just an interpretation.

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stupid remark by such a jerk called "bapu"!

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This is one thing I hate about politicians, religious leaders and corporate speakers ... they talk in riddles, and when you point out what they just said, they'll tell you have misinterpreted them.

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