Indian Ocean's April mega-quake broke the records

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I wander why scientists declare that all life is "related" and that one action or even "affects" another and yet only now refer to major earthquakes as being "related" and "influence" other parts of the world. Same was with whether earthquakes affect volcanoes. It is known that earthquakes has to do with "movement" of the earth's crust. That means if one part moves, there must be another part of the whole that is affected. The only questions are when, where and how much that affect will be.

There are probably many variables such as the movement of the magma beneath the crust to the amount of water in the oceans and even the temperatures of the magma and the water in different parts of earth. For all we know, even the drilling of oil underground and replacing it with water and other substances, as little as it may be in relation to the entire planet, may affect the current movements of heat or magma and eventually change the course of the movement of the crust.

Hopefully scientists will one day be able to correlate all the data and be able to "forecast" earthquakes and eruptions to be able to prevent major disasters.

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