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Indiana man charged in fatal shooting of trick-or-treater


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Welcome to Indiana

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Put him away for life.

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The hood.

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What do you expect where everybody is allowed to carry gun? This is NOT abnormal thing in America. This IS quite normal thing in America. Most American median do not even bother reporting such daily, normal incidents.

In 2019, there were 38,355 death by firearms, including 14,414 homicides. Nobody is surprised. In comparison, there was a great shock when Japan's Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 occurred, in which 19,747 died and 2,556 missing. In other words, guns are killing people in America every single year in a greater number than that of the terrible Great Earth quakes and Tsunami in Japan.

And nobody cares.

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Socrateos: A most interesting, salient and relevant posting!

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This is NOT abnormal thing in America

This is NOT abnormal thing in Chicago and other big inner cities.

Hammond is on the border with South Chicago, one of the most violent areas in all of the US. You’re comment is way way off.

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Halloween in the US. 'Trick or treat or death'.

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Deaths involving guns are a dime a dozen in USA. It's no longer news or surprising.

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Just another young black man killing another young black man.... move along, ignore the elephant in the corner....

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Poor Asians, poor whites, poor Hispanics and poor young black women don't go around killing each other at the rates young black men do. Not addressing the problem is not going to help solve the problem.

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