Indigenous senator quits party over Australian referendum


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Since the first settlers from Britain arrived in Oz in the early 19th century, the indigenous people have been cruelly mistreated. There is much work still to be done to restore dignity to the lives of the aboriginal inhabitants of the continent. Reparations are due!

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First settlers arrived much earlier than early 19th C.

And yes - it's been a tale of woe from the start. Terrible in fact.

But I can't see anything coming of withdrawing in protest.

To argue that an acknowledgement - which would then become binding - of stealing the land and put it all into a treaty won't change the immediate dire issues confronting the aboriginal people.

The idea of an Indigenous Voice with Strength to bargain, advise and decide is needed right now.

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The rate of violence, sexual assault and child abuse within indigenous communities is off the charts. Sadly they are tearing themselves apart, and are their own worst enemies - and a non binding "Voice to parliament" won't really help these issues.

Expanding strictly non-alcohol regions in these communities will help.

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Thorpe is a hardline communist who hangs out with criminals, and is so on the nose even the far-left Greens are distancing themselves from her. But she'll fall in line with Labor, who will throw her a few bones to get her vote.

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The fastest way to remedy the financial disparity is for the 97% non-indigenous Aussies to pay a virtual annual 'rent' to the 3% indigenous. It wouldn't cost the 97% much (a small increase in tax, so the wealthy would pay more), but the numbers would soon see the 3% virtual 'landlords' much wealthier.

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Europeans and really, really, old immigrants to Australia (nobody was "indigenous" except in Africa), have very different cultures. This is why the term "first peoples" is used to describe the oldest inhabitants elsewhere in the world, since everyone immigrated out of Africa.

In their own ways, each culture is "better" than the other. Which is better for most people is debatable. Taking the best of each culture and merging them into a new culture is difficult, it seems. Not everyone wants to merge and don't agree about what's best in each.

Finding answers isn't a easy as it seems when cultures are involved. Often, it is like trying to force a square peg into a round whole.

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