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Indonesia bans bikinis for 2013 Miss World pageant


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No bikinis, guess theres no reason to watch anymore then.

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was it absolutely necessary to hold this contest in Indonesia? if yes, follow her rules !

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Why take Miss World there? Why bend over to hard Muslims?

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Just move it to another country where hardline muslims can't impose their ideology.

Lady Gaga had to cancel her shows there, too.

Indonesia has been showing that it's NOT a tolerant secular muslim country, like they like to boast, but one increasingly dictated by extremists.

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The Idea behind Ms. World is to inspire the many facets of the modern woman In the Modern world & as guests of Indonesia they should respect the hosts wishes-Sarongs are quite beautiful !

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LOL they banned a bikini because of religion in 2013....

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Oppression by religion - the ongoing saga.

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Good on them. If you want to see ladies in bikinis there are the beaches, magazines and movies.

Sorry, the cattle walk is being faced out. Also agree that good sarong can be very sexy.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

How about a Miss Muslm World pageant?? Let them see how sexy they can be all covered up from head to toe like in Saudi Arabia, etc..and a regular Miss World, where we can see the best bodies plastic surgery can buy and wrap them all up in boring bikinis??

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Pfff! Why not just introduce a burlap bag segment instead? Or a Daisy Dukes?

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There we go. The islamization of Indonesia is proceeding unabated. Little step by little step, the islamic fundamentalists are getting their way.

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Bikinis are to show off the amazing bodies these women have worked to achieve. I think they should have the chance to show em off !

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