Indonesia delays transfer of convicts for execution


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Drug trafficking is not a good idea in Bali. There is a big sign in the airport warning you about the possible of death penalty on conviction. I am quite sure they knew the risks.

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Hard to feel much sympathy for these two Aussies as they were the two ringleaders. The other 7 got jail terms and these two the ultimate penalty. They admitted the crime and the law on this in Indonesia is pretty clear. I'm not a fan of the death penalty at all but stupidity and greed can get you killed in countries that still have the death penalty.

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"Medical concerns" for guys facing the death penalty soon?

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Drug smuggling is stupid and these young kids were stupid - no question about that. The issue is that there were three similar appeals to the same court in a row - 2 for Australians and 1 for an Indonesian. The Indonesian had 11kgs of meth and was selling it to Indonesians, the Australians were transporting their drugs through Bali to Australia. The Indonesian got his death sentence commuted to 15 years as it was an infringement of his constitutional right to life, the Australians had their appeal rejected. Lawyer for the Australians has now claimed that the judges asked for a bribe which the Australians couldn't pay. Judge on the appeals court was later fired for taking a bribe from the Australians lawyer. The Indonesian Government is very noisy about the rights of Indonesians on death row overseas but can't see the hypocrisy in this case. Jokowi is trying to show he is tough on drugs as he can't be tough on Indonesian corruption due to it being the life blood of Indonesian society. He has now gone from being a hero in the eyes of the small majority of thinking Indonesians who elected him.

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