Suspected suicide blast at Indonesian police station kills two


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A couple of people angry about the no sex law unless you are married?

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this law was made by them for them and now they are angry? no way to make them happy eh...

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So if you do not get married, then by law you must spend your whole life without once having sex. Got it.

Meaning this bomb could have been left by an incel whose position just got set in concrete…

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Those guys are carrying grenade launchers, not submachine guns…not screwing around

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An androgen explosion! Pent up relief!

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For us, this kind of incident was very strange, when it was connected with the new law prohibition (sex outside marriage). Every time something like this happens, the actor always dies, then the information that is conveyed to the public is what the government politically wants.

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Those are serious problems, not if people have sex or not..

Clowns !!!..

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