Indonesia prison fire kills 41 inmates; 80 hospitalized


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Overcrowded prisons because of too many people rounded up for drug-use.

Whatever could be done to fix this problem? Stop putting people in prison for victimless crimes you say? Pshaw! Oh well, guess there is no solution, carry on!

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Stop putting people in prison for victimless crimes you say?

Yeah, those who say drugs are a victimless crime should watch all 23 minutes of this Philidelphia video. Unbelievable and shocking to see all the people wigging out.

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Such a horrible way to die. Seems like there wasn't any sprinkler system.

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large numbers of people arrested in a war on illegal drugs.

Dying in a burning prison hell because you injested a chemical composition deemed illegal. Seems about right. You could think of people much more suitable for such punishment.

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