Indonesia suspends Australia people smuggling cooperation over spy claims


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I wonder if Indonesia is "outraged " enough to refuse the $600 Million in foreign aid Australia sends each year? I somehow doubt it!

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Surely you're not suggesting that the rich have the right to treat the poor like dirt, solely on account of their relative wealth?

My boss pays my salary, but that doesn't give him the right to read my e-mails, or bug my phone.

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Very true Luca - but the former Indonesian Intelligence agent has admitted this week that the Indonesian govt. did the exact same thing in '99 when he authorised the bugging of Australian MPs! Let's be honest here: this is bogus outrage from Indonesias' side simply for political gain - all governments are (rightly or wrongly) bugging one another.

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Exactly. Indonesia are two faced clowns. I am glad that Australia finally has a leader who says what he thinks and doesn't walk on egg shells. As you suggested, they themselves have admitted to spying on Australia in the past and I would bet you anything that they are still doing it today. When it was found out that the Indonesians were spying on Australia, Australian politicians just shrugged it off - as the Indonesians should be doing. It is the way of the world and hollow, meaningless apologies from either nation would be pointless.

When the extent of the USA's NSA espionage was exposed, they charged the whistle blower (Snowden) with espionage and accused Hong Kong of destroying relations with the US because they wouldn't extradite him. Prior to the exposure, the US were pointing the finger everywhere else themselves too, no doubt to try and divert attention away from their own shady operations.

So Corby wont get parole? I will cry myself to sleep. We will have to find someone else to sell our natural resources to? That wont be hard. Watch Indonesia's tourist market collapse as Australian tourists dry up. Without Australians, Bali will go bankrupt within a month. Indonesia are not a friend or an enemy to Australia and both nations will always be suspicious of each other. If Indonesia want to play hardball, they have a lot more to lose than us.

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10 Akashi Aussie. As you say, Indonesia has so much more to lose if SBY continues his fake "outrage". Bali's tourism industry was almost bankrupted after the terror attacks there - and Aussies are their number one tourists. We have to remember that Indonesia is a nation that is overseeing the slaughter of West Papuans right now, allowed thousands of Timorese to be massacred and still bears grudges that it became independent. Little wonder neighbouring countries want to monitor what dangerous loose cannons like SBY are up to.
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Thanks for the info. Point taken.

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