Indonesian court rejects appeal of Frenchman facing execution


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Dealer knew the rules but took the risk so who to blame...

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Ecstacy is a dangerous drug

Actually, pure MDMA (aka Ecstacy) is not very dangerous. It's the crap that it's mixed with when bought on the street that is dangerous.

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That's what I'm saying old friend. Every country. Trillion dollar a year CASH business. Weed and cocaine on every street corner, quality up and prices down. Draconian sentences for those trying to make the big deals deals.

Look at the British government trying desperately to suppress it's own freaking survey which concluded that prohibition has been a costly and monumental failure:

Legalize and tax that stuff. Put the dealers out of business, or at least force them to clean up, pay tax and be inspected like the rest of us.

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The president of this country is turning out to be a real punk. A no go zone for me even if f I have lots of friends there. Blacklisted the country

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So Madverts, you're saying that the Indonesian, British and French governments are involved in the illegal drug business! Wow! Well, as Spock would say to Sybok, these are serious charges!

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Actually, pure MDMA (aka Ecstacy) is not very dangerous

Yes, it is. It is addictive and causes brain damage. It is more dangerous that alcohol and tobacco.

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The Frenchman was arrested in 2005 for alleged involvement in an ecstasy factory on the outskirts of Jakarta"

Ecstacy is a dangerous drug, if the guy is guilty of involvement, severe punishment is warranted. What's the evidence against him?

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If pure ecstacy is not very dangerous, why can't people buy it legally?

Political reasons. 100 years of brainwashing. Vested interests etc.

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While I am no supporter of drug trafficking, this new Indonesia president, Joko "the Joke" Widodo is simply a frightened little man that is using the Indonesian military and Indonesian law to make himself feel a bit bigger than he really is. He was a transgender while at school and only managed to become the Indonesian President because he grew up in a family that has long been involved in Indonesian politics.

I agree that drug offences should be treated harshly, but if Widodo wants to appears to be more of a man, he should start doing daily trips to the gym and a bit of hard physical work, rather than using the death penality as a way to flex his muscles.

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This is very unfortunate but in life you have a wonderful gift called free agency and a conscience that tells you what is right and what is wrong. When you make a choice to take or get involved with a illegal drug this is the price you pay. Now you have to accept the consequences and take responsibility.

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If pure ecstacy is not very dangerous, why can't people buy it legally?

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Actually, pure MDMA (aka Ecstacy) is not very dangerous

Governments clandestinely run the cash drug trade across the globe. That's why you get death in Indonesia or up to 30 years in England or France.

Don't mess with the Official mafia's brown envelopes. Keep prohibition "working".

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