Infected Antarctic cruise passengers return to Australia


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Why in the hell are people anywhere going on cruises?

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@Yubaru...there are some brainless people out there! Until and unless there is total ban of cruises some idiots will keep taking trips!

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These cruise companies should be held accountable as well.

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@Jim, I know and I agree!

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The operator of the Greg Mortimer, Aurora Expeditions, confirmed this week that 128 of 217 passengers have tested positive for the coronavirus. Uruguay foreign minister Ernesto Talvi said two Australian passengers remain in intensive care in a Montevideo hospital.

The ship was stranded in Uruguay for more than two weeks after leaving Argentina on March 15 for a 16-day return trip to Antarctica.

Who in the world would go on a 16 day cruise ship trip on March 15 after seeing the fiasco of the Diamond Princess in Japan? Now more than half of the passengers are infected. What a waste of time, money and resources to arrange a charter flight for these idiots!

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Agree with all the posts above. The ship set sail on March 15th. By then we all knew about the Diamond Princess and maybe a couple of other cruise ships. No idea why the passengers would’ve thought this was a good idea, but the cruise operators were worse - criminally negligent, imo.

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Joy to the world if those travellers from the Greg Mortimer postponed their cruise trip for one year or so after seeing how much trouble the irresponsible travellers before them have caused to the world, their governments, and their compatriots.

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Hmmmn, seems that victim-blaming is fashionable.

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After this, cruise companies may go bankrupt. Rich oldies infecting everyone else.

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Funny thing is the prices aren't even lowered now. Even a look around Google Flights shows about the same prices for flights as before the pandemic.

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Agree with most of the comments above. I mean, my family didn’t know about the Diamond Princess, but they didn’t know about a couple of other cruises. So yeah, one way or another, this sort of thing was common knowledge. And since it was common knowledge, then it’s irresponsibility by all parties involved.

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Richard Branson just launched a new Cruise Liner Company... Virgin Cruises... talk about bad timing.

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More troubling about this cruise, is that Antarctica was supposed to be Virus free... have they contaminated it ?

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Stranded for two weeks is probably not the best thing. They should of been flown out immediately.

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