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U.S. schools lay off hundreds of thousands, setting up lasting harm to kids

By Scot J Paltrow

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A bill passed recently by the Democratic Party-controlled U.S. House of Representatives would provide $13.5 billion in aid to K-12 public schools. Republicans, who control the Senate, oppose the bill as written

Not a surprise, if you get a decent education there is a good chance you might not be a Republican !!!!

So keeping them illiterate and ignorant is the GOP motto!!!

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This will be an absolute disaster for America. With the current third world level of American education, we got Trump, Repubs, Dems, populism, rampant police killings and brutality, protesters against social distancing, armed morons during the pandemic, indiscriminate bashings and lootings, and a virus death and infection toll unmatched in the civilized world.

What on Earth are we going to get with permanent damage to American education? Anyone who believes the hilarious falsehood that we have critical thinking education in the West, needs to get their brain checked for Coronavirus, or they were education in America.

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Republicans are happy.

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Corporations were bailed out, but not teachers.

Seems like misplaced priorities

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But, but all these liberal governors wanted a lockdown....well, they got what they wanted, more poverty for their states, lol.

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Not a surprise, if you get a decent education there is a good chance you might not be a Republican !!!!

I dunno, I’m from OC and we have excellent private schools, LA County, a complete disaster.

So keeping them illiterate and ignorant is the GOP motto!!

Thats what the libs want and The teachers unions they support the Democrats, so you reap what you sow, all that money injected into the public school system and the kids get nothing out of it.

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you too posted comments demanding lockdowns in Japan with less Covid-19 cases and deaths. You like to play the piper.

Yes, that’s right and I have explained that reason multiple times and I don’t want to do it again so if you want to know what I said please go back to the archives, I was specifically clear as to why I thought like that.

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We cannot afford to pay teachers because half the budget is for war. No other country spends so much for war, not even close. Our bloated oligarchy will not be happy until America looks more like North Korea with near every man a soldier and every child training to be one.

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One of the richest countries on earth cannot afford to pay its teachers, yet the very richest amass indescribable wealth. It deserves pity. But then again, you get what you voted for.

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