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Insurgents in eastern Ukraine declare independence; seek to join Russia


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How dare they vote! It's undemocratic! Oh wait...

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This is in one word, rid god damn dicilous

That's four words. A one of them is not even a real word.

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And this all came about because a small minority in Ukraine - at their western masters bidding - violently overthrew the elected government. And to them I say:

How a minority, Becoming a majority, Seizing authority, Hates a minority.

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"Be wary when words such as insurgents, rebels, terrorists, Nazis, etc. are used - they're to paint a picture that is not altogether representative of what is really happening."

So true. West has no idea how to call them. Yesterday they were rebels, today insurgents, who knows what term they will use tomorrow. Definately not freedom fighters or justice seekers. If oposite happened, people from Russia wanted to join Ukraine, they would definately be freedom fighters.

I think US and its allies are showing their real faces in this one. It's so obvious that all they care is to damage Russia, surround them and usual divide and conquer. People are not stupid, they see what is happening. West is using words like illegal voting. So US and allies believe that people's opinion does not matter, they have no right to vote to decide which direction they want to go. This is in one word, rid god damn dicilous.

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There'll be another voting in a couple weeks for the national government.

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A predictably slanted editorial, which illustrates this website's willingness to spread propoganda rather than the pain truth: Be wary when words such as insurgents, rebels, terrorists, Nazis, etc. are used - they're to paint a picture that is not altogether representative of what is really happening.

Whichever side they want, Ukrainians don't want a puppet government controlled by the US and that's mostly why they are fighting for their country, but also they're fighting for their lives - because the US is financing & pushing the unrest with independently contracted soldiers & FBI operatives now in Kiev en masse. Think of how the US might react if Russia placed military threats in Mexico... It's unthinkable, but that's the scenario unfolding in Ukraine.

If the US government has it's way, the elections will not be run with honesty: The US wants control of the Ukrainian government and a military base at Russia's doorstep, plus the financial returns that an unstable relationship with Russia will create.

The US government claims to have invested $5 billion since the early '90's in the Ukraine to "Install a good form of democracy" - where it's fairly clear historically the leadership there has been fairly corrupt. Nothing new, nothing to see historically this has been common where there is US government tampering with foreign country's ruling..


Usually if you follow money, the truth begins to reveal itself with these world conflict affairs.

Ask yourself why the US Government & military would have no interest in seeing an end to the problems developing in the Crimean region, although there's money to be made with say natural gas (CNG) sales to Europe if Russian gas is sanctioned, what about the potential profits for the US industrial complex?

After all, the US has around 1,000 military bases around the world and a huge military - how would a re-start of a cold war affect things for military investment, bearing in mind the US has 44% of the world's weapons development corporations? How would another cold war increase military budgets?


It's not hard to foresee another cold war being a reason for huge & ongoing investment in more modern military equipment development including nuclear arms for years ahead. Triillions of $US in spending would be the result, surely. One can imagine the CEO's of weapons development corporations rubbing their hands in glee when they see what's developing in Ukraine in forcing Russia to intervene.

How would the US government pay for all this? Simple - same answer as always: Borrow from the Fed. then as the money is paid to workers and contractors in the US it'll find it's way into the economy and lead to yet more creation of leveraging and more money supply... which in turn would lead to the continuing erosion of value of the US$ as a side-effect, but that's how it always works, nothing new there.

Now that the war on terror has been played out, the US military industrial complex need another fix to keep this huge military industrial complex going and a renewed cold war with Russia would seem ideal... This is why Russia is intent on seeking a peaceful solution, but it must also protect it's borders. When the USSR was broken up, Russia was promised by NATO in writing that there would be no threats to it's borders. NATO has always been chaired by the US and it's not keeping promises made over 2 decades ago.

For once, the US public should be told the truth, not more cock and bull stories shrouded in smokescreens.

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"That's four words. A one of them is not even a real word."

Well, you get the point.

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Well, you get the point.

Yup. The point is that nothing you purveyors of Western imperialism conspiracies and pro-Russian rants make any sense at all.

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And the Ukrainian coup's soldiers who shot and killed unarmed civilians were not terrorists? The anti-coup regime protestors have won a moral point, if nothing else.

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They do come off as a bit unstable, don't they?

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