IRA group condemns queen's planned visit to Ireland


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What a bunch of sad losers! Just hope the queens visit passes off ok. Think the Irish and the English have moved on from all that crap

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:sigh: So there is no blood on the hands of the real ira, and the world is unable to move on, and the Irish government is unable to invite foreign heads of state, just because some boneheads say so?

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Sick, very sick. Alf Garnett once suggested a solution to the "Irish problem": send the navy in and sink it.

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And of course "Alf Garnett" a batty fictional fascist is right? This group used all its support at an historically important time, and all they could muster up was 200 people. Cooperation between the Republic and the UK will sort this out very quickly, no need for the Royal Navy, it turned a passive population rebellious during the rising. Watch less bad comedy and read more history.

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Can't believe that you think I'm serious, get a sense of humour. Believe me, I know my Irish history very well.

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Can't believe that you think I'm serious, get a sense of humour.

Ahh, just read that. Without your followup, it is entirely realistic to think you were serious, and I'm sure many posters here feel that way.

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