Iran's president vows to continue nuclear activities


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Its bottles of medical isotopes and pesticides not bottles of enriched uranium .

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Courtesy of Ukraine, Iran's leaders received a massive boost in respect from the local population. Have nukes, you can do what ever you like. NK received the same boost.

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Love how by carefully slicing what parts of the truth to mention, Iran is implied to be the reason for the problems and the US implied to be the reasonable party, rather than the other way around.

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There’re right as a responsible sovereign nation. US and UN should be sanctioning the hell out of Israel instead. Many know about Israel’s 200-300 nuclear weapons. About its genocide, apartheid, land stealing and collective punishment of Palestinians. Israel is constantly attacking most of its neighbors killing ordinary citizens and infrastructure. Not only are their war crimes gone uncritized, and not only have they constantly threatened Iran with nuclear anilination, they have full support to use WMD by the US, who has blocked every single UNSC resolution against Israel.

Iran, has opened up the to world bodies like IAEA in transparent manner, only to be bullied and sanctioned.

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As odious as all nuclear weapons are, to be fair one has to remember several things. There has been no proof of Iran developing nuclear weapons. Israel and the US may claim it, but have not offered any proofs and the lies about Iraqi WMDs makes them suspect anyhow. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again shame on me.

What's more, and as much as I loath to say it because I despise war and nuclear weapons included, Japan refuses to condemn nuclear weapons or even join in the fight against them and US remains the only country to have used this weapon... so no authority to condemn anyone else even if the Iranians decided to have one.

Now if only everyone and everybody, including US and Japan, would join with people like Setsuko Thurlow we would have a more sane planet.

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President Ebrahim Raisi said Saturday that Iran will continue nuclear development activities as talks to revive Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers remain stalled, state media reported.

The Europeans in particular are afraid of taking military action against Russia because it has nuclear weapons. Iran needs its nuclear program annihilated, by whatever means. Soon.

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