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Iran's supreme leader tacitly acknowledges that Tehran hit little in its attack on Israel


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Iran's supreme leader on Sunday dismissed any discussion of whether Tehran's unprecedented drone-and-missile attack on Israel hit anything there, a tacit acknowledgment that despite launching a major assault, few projectiles actually made it through to their targets.

Analysts believe both Iran and Israel, regional archrivals locked in a shadow war for years, are trying to dial back tensions following a series of escalatory attacks between them as the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip rages on and inflames the wider region.

It's just admitting what everyone already knows - that Iran and Israel are just doing these for show to save face. They just want to show their domestic audience that they're doing something about the offense. The defenders could see these punches coming from a mile away and react accordingly

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Iran's supreme leader tacitly acknowledges that Tehran hit little in its attack on Israel

And Iran knows better than to try anything on that scale again.

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Yeah, they’re being very careful now because they know what’s coming next if continue to push these attacks.

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Quote: "...praise be to Allah the image of the country around the world has become commendable," added Khamenei.

Who would see Iran's image as commendable? "Around the world", really? Syria? An armed group in Lebanon, perhaps, or an armed group in Yemen or Palestine? Or the DPRK? It's hard to think of anyone who is saying "Well done!"

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So, if Biden had said Democrats should just ignore Trump's claims he won the 2020 election, that would have been a 'tacit acknowledgement Trump won'?

The only reason that the Israeli regime and its gang acknowledged the one hit they are is because the footage of Iran's hypersonic missiles blowing right past the usual barrage of antimissile fire that protects the Nevatim air base is because the censors hadn't ever considered banning such footage, because they assumed it would show successful intercepts. For the other major target of the response, the command center in the illegally occupied Golan, ALL footage of it has been, for decade, subjected to the same extreme censorship that has the New York Times submitting every article about Israel to the regime's censors, and only running them if they clear.

But if you check the 'settler' posted video of the Iranian missiles (noticeably brighter than normal missiles because, like returning space craft, they're traveling through atmosphere so fast, the atmosphere ionizes) diving right throw the outgoing fire towards the airbase, you'll notice 4 of them, and though the panicked 'settler' quickly stopped recording, the sound of the first three taking out their targets was also caught.

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Some wonder who could possibly not see Iran as contemptible.

The thing is, on one of his first visits to the US, Nelson Mandela was asked basically the same question (about Cuna rather than Iran) and his answer was both straightforward, and completely puzzling to a lot of people

Your enemies are not our enemies

So, last year, when the Iranian navy's show the flag tour wanted to pay a port ball in Brazil, there are those who couldn't imagine why Brazil would say yes after the American government insisted that Brazil refuse to let it dock, and those who understood why Brazil, and the Brazilian population, welcomed the Iranian navy as friends.

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Quick question. If Iran is such a beautiful country, (which it is), and filled with such gentle loving people, (which it is), how come the Iranian government cannot make more friends in the world, like Brazil mentioned above?

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Iran sponsors Hezbollah terrorists in Brazil and other South American nations. https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/brazil-arrests-two-with-suspected-hezbollah-ties-plotting-attack-sources-2023-11-08/

I find it shocking that Brazil would allow any Iranian military ship access to their ports.

But if Iran is satisfied with their do-nothing attack, fine. Don't be surprised when different industrial complexes inside Iran start having "issues" and break without anyone claiming responsibility.

Iran needs to keep headlines outside their country so the people don't realize their civilization is failing under the leaders they've had the last 40 yrs. If Iranians had open elections, not pre-approved candidates by "Fearless Leader in the hat", perhaps they'd throw out the current leaders and the guy in the hat too?

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