Iran's president-elect says he won't meet with Biden


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Every country has the right to defend itself. To defend itself, a country needs weapons.

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Yeah, well Iran doesn’t have the right to threaten Israel or the US with annihilation but more importantly, Iran is digging a dangerous hole for itself if it puts itself in the position it will wipe Israel off the map. If they think that, they’ll be sealing their own fate and that would be tragic, but as we have recently seen a few weeks ago Israel will do everything for its survival, so this President needs to think hard as to where he wants to lead his country, out of sanctions and to join the rest of the world peacefully or end up worse than Gaza.

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He has no popular mandate. All the popular candidates were ruled ineligible by this guy and his cronies. As a result, the public stayed home for the most part rather vote for a bunch of boot-licking thugs.

The Iranian public is tired of political Islam telling them how to live, tired of an economy devastated by sanctions, and worried about the terrorist Republican Guard stepping across an unknown line.

We should wait them out

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Iranian people are kind. The Government is unfit.

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Ebrahim Raisi is soaked in the blood of his own people, from head to toe.

Joe Biden would physically retch/vomit to be in the same room

To constantly politically what about, in an attempt to justify Ebrahim Raisi, a vile terrorist extremist Islamic mass murderer, ability to developing weapons of mass destruction, is truly aberrant, it reach the depths of political deviancy.

The breath-taking foolish irresponsible behaviour, the immature political playground mentality of the what about idiocy.

Ebrahim Raisi is not a rational politician or diplomat, Ebrahim Raisi is a Islamic fundamentalist freak show,

Ebrahim Raisi would bring terror, atrocity on your families, wouldn’t bat an eyelid, and you justify and support Ebrahim Raisi being able to gain the use of nuclear weapons.  And you suggest it it his right,

Ebrahim Raisi is a global exporter of terrorism, you are all the infidels.

Ebrahim Raisi would  murder your family indiscriminately it is paramount to his religious calling.

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Sad. Joe would have wowed him with his intellect and charm.

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Trump's decision has, over time, seen Iran abandon every limitation on enrichment. Tehran is now enriching uranium to 60%, its highest level ever

Great job.

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Well, didn’t someone ask him about what Iran is doing about the existential threat of climate change?

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There is no negotiation with Ebrahim Raisi........Time to deal with this regimen. Once and for all.  

Raisi says Iran’s ballistic missiles are ‘not negotiable’ — and he doesn’t want to meet Biden

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday the U.S. does not have diplomatic relations with Iran “or any plans to meet at the leader level, so it’s unclear that anything has actually changed on that front.”

No need to meet this tyrant who was elected in a highly suspect manner. Anyone believe Iran is not trying to develop nuclear weapons?

Raisi  and I¥ran are the cause of worldwide terror attacks, and threatens Israel on a daily basis. Since every country has the right to defend itself, Israel is allowed to fight off the Iran sponsored Islamic terrorist group Hamas, the "leader" of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza.

As long as terrorist regimes such as Iran's exist, there will never be peace ion the Middle East, snd Palestinian Arab civilians will continue to suffer.

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Wow, a lot of antiFarsism in the article and comments.

First off, if you look at the University of Maryland's Centre for International and Security Studies public opinion poll of the actual views of the Iranian population, you'll be hard pressed to find any space between the freely expressed views of the vast majority of Iranians back in February, and the election platform of Raisi (who had a 3in4 approval rating)

You'll also find that all the 'Principalists' had low to negative approval ratings that in any country's election spells few votes.

You'll also find that even before it became clear that Biden was not going to return to the JCPOA, but demand concessions and secondary 'agreements', there was no appetite for dropping the use of the snapback clause by Iran until not only had Biden recommitted the US to the terms of the JCPOA, he'd actually do what neither Trump or Obama would, actually complying with those terms fully.

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A lot of antiFarsism in the article and comments

Secondly, if Biden isn't going to recommit to the terms of the JCPOA and live up to them (and he's on record that he isn't) Raisi doesn't need to waste the time meeting with him, he's got a lot of more important things on his plate for his first 100 days. Besides the negotiations over selling the Cuban/Iranian vaccines, there's almost certainly going to be meetings with the Afghan government (in addition to the ones about the vaccines, there'll likely be ones about the building of the Harat Mazar-i-sharif railway) the democratically elected government of Syria (security cooperation) China (BRI) Venezuela and probably Cuba (oil exports and possibly basing a few Iranian Navy ships there to secure the shipping lanes from American piracy)...

Listening to Biden channel Endicott's speech from "In the heat of the Night" (there was a time when I'd have you taken out and shot) isn't really important compared to that.

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PS, I do compliment JT on including some of the context about who the 'political prisoners' were, and what they'd done, though a fuller context which would include their participation in war crimes (slaughtering civilians) and crimes against humanity (using chemical weapons both against military and civilians) and that it would have been impossible to turn them over to the UN for prosecution (The US was already committed to giving their commander, Saddam Hussein, total immunity) or hold them in jail for the rest of their lives (the US would have given MEK the weapons and support to break their fellow fanatical terrorists out of even the most secure jail)

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Trump's legacy lives on. Putting him in charge of foreign policy was like handing a chimpanzee a loaded weapon - really grabs your attention at first, but no good was ever going to come of it.

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Oh, and the Zannon Shaman asked who believed Iran isn't working on a nuclear weapon.

Well, the IAEA inspectors don't (and their frequent thorough inspections and painstaking audits of every site in Iran where enriched nuclear material is made, stored, used, and disposed of makes their opinions pretty relevant, unlike yours or Bibi's)

Also a former IAEA President

And anyone with enough historical awareness and common sense (Iran actually had enough weapons grade enriched uranium to make at least one nuke, thanks to the US giving it to their Iranian dictator, and the 'Mad Mullahs' PAID to have it REMOVED)

I don't expect that to convince the Zannon Shaman (it took being arrested and facing prison to change the Qannon Shaman's mind when all the reasoning and overwhelming evidence failed to) but hopefully if you're open to reasoning or evidence, you won't fall down the Zannon rabbit hole.

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fxgai asked what Iran is doing about climate change, well, there's their nuclear energy program expansion (despite the US targeting everyone involved with sanctions, and Israeli regime death squads hunting everyone involved, too), their hydro power projects (though most viable sites in Iran have already been turned into generating stations, they're partnering with neighboring countries to develop cross border and foreign sites) their wind farms (and the only supplier of wind turbines in the ME is an Iranian manufacturer) as well as mitigation measures in their oil and gas industry (they are now capturing and processing the highly volatile gases that come out of their wells, unlike the US and Canada who mostly 'flare' them, which means just burning them in the open atmosphere)

They're also restoring or building new the zero emissions air conditioning architecture for a lot of buildings.

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Yeah, well Iran doesn’t have the right to threaten Israel or the US with annihilation 

Sure it does. Why would you think it doesn’t? It’s just words.

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Sure it does. Why would you think it doesn’t? It’s just words.

Well, they can say it all day long if they want. But given the US and Israel are great in retiring the senior leadership of these radicals, Iran can save face and bolster all it wants, but deep down inside they know their messing with a viper. They need to be careful.

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