Iran arrests Europeans accused of role in unrest

By Parisa Hafezi

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It has always puzzled me as to why religions who worship a supreme omnipotent being such as the Abrahamic faiths all do, find it necessary to resort to force to make people obey their interpretation of Holy texts even though scripture states clearly “Vengeance is Mine” saith the Lord. And why is it that the more fundamentalist branches seem to be so terrified of women?

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@the avenger

i agree with you. It’s against the teachings of Jesus for women to have control over their bodies in the USA, the worlds leading nation. The Bible states that Eve was created from a rib of Adam.

iran is just about stealing it’s oil, move along, nothing to see.

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Heavy shooting could be heard on some videos as protesters chanted "Death to Khamenei", referring to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Now imagine if, during the George Floyd protests, someone had posted video of crowds of protesters calling for the death of the American President.

Would you accept that it represented the majority of the protesters? Widespread opposition to the American form of democracy? That violence occurring between police and those protesters represented a 'crackdown on protests?

Or would you think the footage was of a violent, antidemocratic fringe group trying to hijack legitimate protests?

You'd rely on your knowledge that the vast bulk of the American public of all political and social/economic stripes thought that the American system, for all its flaws, worked most of the time, and so supported it, and reject those who tried to claim that the majority of the protesters wanted to overthrow the system as either misinformed, or frauds.

Now, the University of Maryland's Centre for International and Security Studies found that in their survey of the Iranian population conducted less than a year ago (and in all the previous ones) found that the vast bulk of the Iranian public of all political and social/economic stripes thought that the Iranian system, for all its flaws (and they were willing to detail those flaws) worked most of the time, and so supported it.

Wouldn't it be reasonable to conclude that the people claiming the majority of the Iranian protesters wanted to overthrow the system are either misinformed, or frauds?

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