Iran blames U.S. for delays in reaching nuclear deal


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So, assisting the Ukrainian regime good, assisting the popular government of Syria and it's civilians against multiple invaders bad.

And the JCPOA was a way to allow the US to save face while backing away from its conspiracy theory, that is tattered by American willingness to embrace conspiracy theories and reject reality culminating in President Trump, and the only party that never tried to respect the international treaty was the US, so it seems EXTREMELY reasonable to assume that the delays in reviving it are caused by the US

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Iran has oil. America is busy. When they need it they will invade.

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Iran has oil. America is busy. When they need it they will invade.

That's quite the prediction!

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Ah, Iran has more than oil, that's one of the richest cultures of the region. I like Persian literature & Persian architecture and cannot understand how they found themselves in such political dilemmas with all their experience in state tradition.

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Nuclear negotiations nearly reached completion on the deal earlier this month before Russia demanded that its trade with Iran be exempted from Western sanctions over Ukraine, throwing the process into disarray.

Well let's be clear; to sign a deal and let Russia make money, while they are doing monstrous acts in Ukraine would be a bridge to far, that's frankly insane. Don't blame the the U.S. for this one. You can put this one squarely on Russia. Pragmatism yes; insanity, definitely no.

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