Iran calls on U.S. to stop its addiction to sanctions


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If possible sanctions should be increased against Iran. US allies should join in instead of trying to undermine their sanctions. We don't need Iran. They need us. Make the country beg for more inclusion in civilised society.

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Looks like the sanctions are hitting the people at the top in Iran. Good.

All the US wants is

a) Iran to stop funding and supplying terrorists with weapons

b) A true democracy for the Iranian people, where a religious committee cannot ban candidates for office or have oversight once elected.

c) End to nuclear weapons development.

Do those things and the sanctions will end.

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Message to Iran, stop being corrupt, self serving, terrorist supporting, country harming, fantatical zealots and the US might think about it.

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Politics as usual. Problem here is Trump's dismissal of the nuclear treaty meant a lack of credibility for the USA to make and maintain policy, so any sanction is now fodder for Iranian propaganda.

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@Bradley, sanctions one of the reasons for the Pacific War. Japan was forced into a corner due to sanctions.

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@Bradley, sanctions one of the reasons for the Pacific War. Japan was forced into a corner due to sanctions.

The US oil embargo didn’t occur in a vacuum and for no good reason. Japan was colonizing huge parts of China, Manchuria in particular. This after Japan had already annexed and virtually enslaved Korea. An unwillingness to trade with a belligerent state isn’t a good reason to start a war.

Refraining from trade is a legitimate form of protest against a country, a company, or even an individual company that one may disagree with. Surprise attacks are not. Japan only needed trade from the US to provide the fuel and raw materials to wage war in Eastern Asia.

The reason the current Iranian regime is sanctioned is because they are belligerent and foment conflict in the region and in other parts of the world. I cannot understand why the Israelis have not been bombing the crap out of the Iranian leadership and terrorist military commanders over the last many decades due to their blatant and publicly acknowledged desire to eradicate Israel altogether.

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We have a choice of whom and whom not to trade with. We choose not to trade or otherwise do business with a terrorist state that enslaves its citizens in a democracy in name only.

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