Iran candidate warns against ultraconservative election win

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The US repudiation of even pretending that they will stop persecuting Iranians for daring to become a democracy that doesn't kow tow to Washington has definitely been a crisis for the 'reformists' who promised that appeasement would work.

And the claim that abandoning appeasement for a more Churchillian approach will result in 'more sanctions' sounds ridiculous in light of the US insistence that Iran accept that the US can impose whatever sanctions it wants as long as it claims they're 'not related' to the certified and recertified civilian nuclear energy and isotopes program that is compliant not just with the General Safeguards of the NNPT but also compliant with the TPNW too.

The reality is that the appeasement candidates stood very little chance of winning BEFORE Biden made it clear that the US was never going to honor the JCPOA, and the Israeli regime's massacre of Palestinians reminded Iranians of exactly what the American government stood for and supported.

Add in that even if the G7 completely took up the American obsession of crushing Iran, Iran has good relations with the B70+ and the biggest player in that group (China) would love to have an Iran that was more involved in stabilizing the region, which is exactly what a 'hardliner' (and the Iranian population) will want to do, and his views seem both dated and out of touch with the majority of the voters.

(Visit the university of Maryland's Centre for International and Security Studies for the accurate picture of the views of the Iranian population)

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