Iran commander tells Obama 'all options on table'


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Good luck hitting those bases iran. If you hit with a sledge hammer the U.S. will hit with a wrecking ball. But lets hope nobody has to srike at anyone

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Iran has Stealth fighter, the Qaher-313! They talks like John Wayne now!

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I'm sick and tired of the warmongering :Pentagon.

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If Israel attacks Iran it will be pure chaos. Israel will get hit with everything the region has -maybe even Egypt now. I would say way to unstable to try it. Afghanistan could flip. People have a short fuse as it is. They definitely want Syria first and seem to be losing even that.

-you will continue to see attacks like this. +Drones etc.

**On the other hand I do feel they may try NK (pressure NK into a bad position with the young leader). If I was NK I would pre-empt this and shell that island one more time, float a few mines towards SK --> unsteady their position somewhat. They don't talk about this in the media, but NK is basically on a war alert with the people ready for war.

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Looks like so many sitting ducks in a row.

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